January 1, 2018
Welcome 2018 from the iron door project

NEW DESIGN TRENDS IN IRON ENTRY DOORS... Welcome to the Iron Door Project’s 1st blog of 2018. We welcome you and invite you to enjoy the conversations about iron entry door designs that the new year brings. If you’ve browsed anything on social media or glanced at a home design magazine lately – you’ll notice some new trends developing.

Personalization is Key

Impressive entry doors have always been popular.The ability to personalize and customize an entryway is quickly becoming a focus for clients building or remodeling their homes. Customers want to design their own experiences and they want options. A customer designed iron entry door stands the test of time and tells the story of your personal adventure and vision for your home. The Iron Door Project is the only local iron door team that works with you to create a first and lasting unique and distinctive impression for your home.

Easy Maintenance

Another trend that is increasing in popularity is the time gained back from the drudgery of maintaining large traditional wooden entry doors. While traditional wood entry doors are still most common – buyers of new homes and customers remodeling their existing homes are beginning to recognize that sealing, painting and caulking every year requires extra time, money and effort. Traditional wooden doors also crack and split over time because of weathering. Not so, with an iron entry door. Minimal cleaning with a damp microfiber keeps an iron door looking good year after year.The pricing of iron entry doors is also more competitive than large wooden doors and they offer the freedom of easy maintenance for those with an active lifestyle.

Clean Lines

Contemporary design is ever changing. Besides designing their own entry door – a new theme for customers is a contemporary design with minimalist lines that provides a clean uncluttered look. These contemporary doors look great and provide a timeless look.

Stay with us for upcoming blogs with new ideas and trends.

New designs from the iron door project witcha kansas

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